Junior High Power Rifle

Junior High Power Rifle

Want the challenge of using a larger caliber rifle to hit a very small bulls-eye in different positions in the wind at 50 or 100 or even 200 yards?

Interested in a congenial club atmosphere but with the opportunity to travel to other clubs’ events and even state and national championships?

Want to test your skills in disciplines that reach as far as the Olympics?

The Reading Rifle & Revolver Rifle Club offers a wide range of shooting opportunities that are not hunting or army-style and put a premium on precision. These opportunities include using:

  • target rifles with ‘peep’ sights in prone (lying) position over 50 and 100 yards and in prone, standing and kneeling positions (3 positional shooting) over 50 yards; and

Club members get to apply these various shooting disciplines at either regular club shoots, competitions at other clubs (and our club’s annual meet), state, and national events.


Facilities of club

The club’s facilities include:

  • An open air floodlit range with 10 fair-weather bays for rifle shooting at 100, 200, 300 and 600 yards. 5-ring respective distance appropriate cardboard targets are currently used on these ranges.
  • A comfortable, friendly central club room with air conditioning, refrigerator and target marking section.

Shooting times

Shooting times are generally Tuesday evenings from 7:00pm for the weekly club competition and Thursday mornings from 9am for informal practice.

Other times for practice may be arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Support for newcomers

The club provides support for beginners or others who wish see if smallbore/air rifle shooting is for them in terms of: initial safety instruction; club equipment and rifles (for both right and left-handers); supervision/coaching when starting off; development courses (incluing gun licensing courses) and general advice and assistance.

Ongoing support, advice and training courses are provided to assist members further develop their shooting skills.


If you wish to ask questions or inquire about membership contact our Membership Chairperson.