Juniors Rifle Report 2023-2024


The advanced juniors are back in full swing again getting ready for all our upcoming competitions.  We have three new members to the team this year, but are looking for a few more  juniors to join us.  If you know of anyone age  13 up that may be  interested in competitive air rifle and small-bore, please have them get in contact with Coach Maureen or drop by any of our practices for more information.

Our opening match this season will be the BayState Games, both air rifle and

small-bore in October. 

A full calendar of events can be found on the www.rrhighpower.com website. 


We also have been asked by the MIT Coach Melissa Mulloy-Mecozzi ( former Reading Junior and Olympic Athlete) to host one of their NCAA Collegiate matches.  The electronic targets we purchased through grants and raffle ticket sales will enable us to help host MIT’s match against Norwich in November.


M1 Garand RAFFLE TICKETS – Yes unfortunately we are still trying to sell the tickets we started selling last year.  Sales were veryy sloww and only sold under half of them.  We took a break selling while out at Camp Perry for the summer.  Now that we are back in season, I am asking members who have not purchased tickets to help the advanced juniors with these rifle sales.  The funds go to pay the remainder that we still owe on the electronic targets and any supplies or repairs we need for the advanced program.  If you would like to purchase a ticket, they can be purchased on any of our practice days, Wed nights 5 to 9 or Sundays 1 to 4.  You can also email me and send the money via Venmo to Maureen_Trickett_Coach.


Summer Recap of Air Rifle and Small-bore


The advanced juniors had a great finish to our 22/23 season.  We took the silver medal at the Camp Perry 3 position match at Camp Perry with team members: Olivia Reilly, Barbara (Birdie) Forgues, Phoebe Forgues, Kaylyn Sethakosee and Neilan Fahey.  Returning home the team shot a shoulder to shoulder CMP Cup match where Reading took the top 3 spots.  Olivia Reilly 1st with a  586.31, Neilan Fahey 2nd with a 582.39 and Birdie Forgues 3rd with a 582.32.  This was a great match with the scores being very tight.









We took a break from shooting one night to attend the CPR, stop the bleed class that was held at Reading Rifle.  Three of the advanced juniors  (Aiden Stambulski, Olivia Reilly, Neilan Fahey) took the class along with both advanced coaches and some of the junior parents.  This was a great class and we all learned quite a lot.  We felt it was important for the juniors to be trained in case the person injured was one of the coaches, now the junior is also trained to help in an emergency.



Finishing off the season Juniors: Olivia eilly, Neilan Fahey and Aiden Starambulski attended the CMP Nationals in July.  All three did an amazing job.  The highlight was Olivia obtaining distinguished points and completing her Air Rifle Distinguished badge.  She was presented the badge on stage from Sargent Brandon Green of the AMU.  Brandon as a junior was presented with badge #1.  This was such a great honor to have him present all the shooters who earned their badge at this match with their pins.









Small-bore at Camp Perry Nationals – This was the first year the small-bore both prone and 3 positions were shot on the new electronic targets.  Other than the wind and the rain the electronic targets were a major hit with the competitors.  Unfortunately only Neilan Fahey was able to stay on and shoot in the small-bore portion for the first time.  Neilan did a fantastic job.  He competed on the line with former team-mate Andrew Duross, a member of the Akron NCAA Rifle Team.


Air and Small-bore Over …………….Onto….. HIGH-POWER and what a couple of weeks we had………………………

First I just want to give one of the juniors and his father a big hi five for fist staying from air rifle all the way through high-power.  Neiland Fahey and his dad spent the first 4 weeks in a hut and then one last week in a hotel so that Neilan could compete in everything and I mean everything, while he was out at Camp Perry.  They deserved a medal just for that!

The first week of high-power started with the CMP Cup matches, where all the shots were on electronic targets.  You may shoot not only service rifles but match rifles also.  The only junior shooting the cup matches and you probably guessed it  

Already  it was …Neilan Fahey.  We had not only a great time but great weather during the cup matches.  Neilan shot very well, being this was his first year shooting high-power and first time at Camp Perry shooting high-power.  He also shot as part of a 4 person team, Members Sal Bramante, Theresa Boucher, Mike Nocella and Neilan Fahey.  This was the first time any had been coached during a high-power team match and they did a fantastic job, per coach Maureen Trickett.


The second week of high-power started with most of the juniors attending the advanced rifle clinic or the marine corps clinic and of course our Camp Perry Team dinner.  The team dinner was a lot of  homemade food shared with what I sware was half the base lol.  This is a great time for all, swapping stories ( true and stretched) and little corn hole and memories of friends who are no longer with us.

The clinics ended and we went right into the President’s 100 match, 30 shots that take all day to shoot.  The juniors all did very well in the match, not quite enough for the top 100, but I expect next year they will all be in it.  Former Junior Jack Marshall placed 74th in the top 100 and another former junior Verne Conant ( AMU) not only placed 1st in the match with a score of 299 and 11 x’s, but then in the top 20 shoot off at 600 yards, he  won the match out right with a score of 100 with 9 x’s.  He shot a 10 on his last shot to finish, what a heart stopping moment for all watching.


The next day we went straight into the EIC match (Excellence in Competition) , a fifty shot match.  If you are not-distinguished you may earn distinguished points toward your badge if you are in the top %.    This is a very competitive match and you really need to know your rifle zeros and wind calls.  The juniors did awesome but they left the points for others to have this year, but watch out next year they are not going to be so nice.  


The junior team match was held on Wednesday.  Teams were Neilan Fahey and Jake D’Eon, Coach Charlie Trickett, Captain Maureen Trickett.  Also Nate Ware and Shane Bardol with Coach Robbie Greene and Captain Tom Connolly. This year unfortunately the match was scheduled to begin after the Hurst Doubles match.  So the match did not start until about noon.  The weather was not favorable, expected rain and lots of wind.  Two hundred yards went very well for all, but the conditions were getting worse by the minute.  Then that all favorite announcement came “EVACUATE”.  All teams and personnel had to leave the range.  Unfortunately conditions did not get any better and the match was not able to continue on Wednesday.

The rules were clear that they could not call it a match with just the completion of the 200 yard line.  So instead of scrapping the match.  The remainder of the match was to be completed the next morning. 

Nate and Shane along with Coach Robbie and Neilan Fahey along with Coach Charlie Trickett continued on the next morning to complete the aggregate.   Conditions were much better this morning and all three boys did extremely well.  Nelain, despite not having a partner to cheer each other on, still managed to shoot a 98 in his prone rapids and a 192 at 600.  Shane and Nate also performed very well at 3 and 6.  This was also Shanes first time at camp perry and did a  stand up job.  

I predict next year these three along with new recruits will be up on stage with medals around their necks.


Later that day the adults had a turn to shoot 6 man team while the juniors as payback to the adults went to the pits and pulled targets all day.  I don’t think they really minded, since they came out at the end of the day with smiles and well fed.

Unbelievable that it is Friday already and the high-power phase is almost over.  The only event left is “Rattle-Battle” , a match that is not only fun to shoot, but also interesting to watch. 
Today we will enter one adult team and with the help of the juniors they will be able march down range and compete.  The juniors along with some adults acted as brass rates and equipment haulers.  Everyone had a great time and now the juniors want to have their own rattle battle team, mmm maybe someday.
If you have never seen a rattle battle match click on this link to watch one of the best.



Awards tonight and time for the juniors to pack up and head home and dream about next year.  If you have a junior age 14 and up that has some rifle shooting experience and is interested in high-power, have them contact me and we can sit down and talk. 
                                                                              till next time……..