Application for Membership

Instructions –

Please read. Not following the instructions may delay or discard your application processing.

1) Select the correct Membership type you are applying for.

2) You must have your own email address. Each membership requires each member to have their own unique email address.

3) Applications with duplicate email address will not be processed.

Sponsors and References

4) All applicants MUST be sponsored by a current club member or their Police Chief if you are in law enforcement

5) Applications submitted with partial or without club sponsors and references will not be processed.

Processing and Following Up

6) Upon submission, this application will be reviewed by the club New Member Application Committee. If you have been approved for membership consideration, we will attempt to contact you two times by phone, email or both. If you do not respond within five (5) business days, your application will be moved to the last position in the current group of application. If there is no response at 30 calendars, the application will be discarded.